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ATB Industrial - Building & engineering services for industry
We offer turnkey building services for commercial & industrial clients across the UK. Our solutions include complete design & build construction services as well as full electrical, heating & mechanical installations...
ATB Projects Construction Services - commercial buildings (offices, retail units, leisure, schools, hospitals), industrial buildings (food factories, industrial units, warehouses) and specialist site works (repairs, demolition)
ATB Heating project division - solutions include process heat and steam, commercial space heating & hot water boilers
ATB Electrical project division - solutions include large scale uninterruptible power supplies, inverters, industrial power generators and factory rewiring
ATB Mechanical project division - solutions include process plant/machinery & pipework installations, ducting and HVAC
Full range of industrial engineering project services
- Boilerhouse Construction
- DC Power Distribution Systems
- Process Plant Modifications
- Industrial Steam Boilers
- Industrial Inverters
- Steelwork Structures & Platforms
- Process Heating
- Control Panel Design
- Conveyor Systems
- Commercial Boiler Systems
- UPS Systems
- Pipework Fabrication & Welding
- Plant Room Installation
- Industrial Power Generators
- Pressure Vessels
- Industrial Space Heating Systems
- Storage Tank Manufacture
- Biomass Boiler Installation
- Building Rewiring & Cabling
- Air Conditioning Systems
- Biomass Plant Construction
- Industrial Lighting Installations
- Industrial Fume/Dust Extraction Systems
- Combined Heat & Power Systems
- Mains Distribution Systems
- Clean Room Systems